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Okanagan Pride Society (OPS) is a non-profit, member-based organization committed to serving the Okanagan’s LGBT2Q+ community. We create events and offer programs to connect our community and advocate for equity, inclusion and acceptance within the Okanagan Valley and beyond.

OPS is managed and operated by a volunteer board, which is assisted by a team of volunteers from the community. The organization depends on membership,volunteers, sponsorship and patronage to thrive.

The Society does not offer counselling or advice on LGBT2Q+ issues. However, those in need should consult our Community page for resources and local group supports.

Okanagan Pride Society is registered in the province of British Columbia, and is a member of both Fierté Canada Pride, the national association of Canadian Pride organizations, and InterPride, the international association of Pride Organizations.


Okanagan Pride is a catalyst for building and celebrating the strength, equality, dignity and self-determination of the LGBT2Q+ community in Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan.

We are committed to excellence in execution and the continuing improvement of all programs and events. We value and support individuals, families and allies, and we build partnerships across communities.


Celebrating our diversity...
We provide opportunities for the LGBT2Q+ community in Kelowna and beyond to meet, provide support for each other, socialize, celebrate and create community in safe spaces and settings.
Advancing equity...
We promote and foster the Pride movement as a vehicle to celebrate equality and diversity, engender community support, and make the Okanagan a safe and accepting place for the LGBT2Q+ community.
Empowering youth...
We facilitate a peer support group for LGBT2Q+ youth to provide a safe, confidential and accepting space empowering them to discover who they are, to celebrate their diversity, to realize their immense worth.
Fostering partnerships...
We foster partnerships and build alliances across communities that advance equality and acceptance of the LGBT2Q+ community.
Joining global voices...
We bring our voice to the global community in support of equality and diversity regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


General Inquiries: info@okanaganpride.com

Media Inquiries: president@okanaganpride.com

Sponsorship: president@okanaganpride.com

Postal Mail: PO Box 20132, RPO Towne Centre, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9H2

OPS has no paid employees and no permanent office space.

Board of Directors

Dustyn Baulkham
Dustyn BaulkhamPresident
Randy Lievers
Randy LieversVice-President
Allison Staten
Allison StatenSecretary & Treasurer
Cassandra McFarland
Cassandra McFarlandDirector, Communications
Davina Kula
Davina KulaDirector, Education
Leslie Grenier
Leslie GrenierDirector, Youth
Duell Donaldson
Duell DonaldsonDirector, Volunteers
Nagata Prescott
Nagata PrescottDirector, Events
Peter Breeze
Peter BreezeDirector at Large
Jaquelyn Furman
Jaquelyn FurmanTransgender Community Development